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Buyers, that is, those who have received invoices issued by a merchant who has an agreement with GetYourBill


Get your invoice quickly and without worrying about mistakesMonitor the status of issuing, processing and receiving your invoices. Try GetYourBill, it’s free!


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GetYourBill is an innovative billing system: it instantly retrieves your company data from certified databases by simply typing in your GetYourBill Customer Code (or VAT number, if you are not registered for the service) and fill in the invoice in a few seconds.  Goodbye queues at the cash desk!

Register as a buyer for free. You can choose your GetYourBill Customer Code, an 8-digit code, which allows you to automatically receive invoices without resorting to the recovery procedure as happens when you use your VAT number.

Lo Store Locator di GetYourBill funziona anche su smartphone

Find affiliated companies

You can find GetYourBill at the many affiliated merchants, even at petrol stations (for example Iper, Iperal, Il Gigante, Enercoop and some white pumps)!

You can find all the affiliated companies, by category and by services offered, on the GetYourBill Store Locator!

How does it work?

When you request an invoice, provide your GetYourBill Customer Code to the merchant (if you are registered) or your VAT number.

If you are at a self-service petrol station, you will need to type one of them at the self-service pump. GetYourBill will do the rest.

  • If you have provided your VAT number, you must proceed with the invoice recovery using the data on the receipt issued to you at the fuel pump.
  • If you have registered for free on GetYourBill and have used your Customer Codeyou will automatically receive the invoice!

Furthermore, if you are registered, you can keep an eye on the status of the invoice on the GetYourBill portal until the Tax Authority sends you a final document on your certified email or at your selected certification authority.

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