Hospitality and GetYourBill: the perfect mix for a better tourism.

GetYourBill is an electronic invoicing system, which allows you to instantly retrieve all your customers’ data from certified databases by simply entering the customer’s VAT number or tax code.
GetYourBill automatically fills in the document and sends it in a few seconds to the designated intermediary.

You know that, since the paper tax receipt has retired, you can replace it with a simplified invoice, complying with the law and avoiding the management of electronic receipts. Very useful for B&B, pensions and hotels!
With GetYourBill it is very easy to issue a simplified invoice even to your private customers, by typing their Fiscal Code, by swiping the Health Card into the reader or by scanning the bar code on the Health Card with the POS reader.

Do you have a bar or a refreshment point and need to issue electronic receipts? With GetYourBill you can also issue electronic receipts, participate in the Receipt Lottery and collect electronic payments anywhere in a few taps, just choose our solution for Android devices.

And if you manage an ecommerce, GetYourBill has the solution that totally automates the billing process: users of your site just enter the VAT number (if a company) or the Fiscal Code (if private) to ask for an invoice, because GetYourBill retrieves from various certified databases all other data necessary for the compilation of the invoice.

GetYourBill also protects you from penalties due to the incorrect issuance of the invoice, in case of rejection of the document by the Tax Authority: find out how!

Chi usa GetYourBill? Alberghi, hotel, agriturismi e aziende del settore hospitality

Do you manage a hotel or a B&B?
Find out why choosing GetYourBill is convenient for you and your customers!

GetYourBill per Cassa

If you have a cash register, GetYourBill can be integrated directly into your software, so in a few moments you can automatically fill in and send all your invoices – faster and more efficiently for the customer, less stress for you!

  • Find out if your system is compatible with us here

  • Find out what ALL the benefits of having GetYourBill on your checkout are here

GetYourBill per SmartPOS

GetYourBill not only accompanies you throughout the billing process, but also… in any corner of your shop!

How? Thanks to GetYourBill for Android devices!
Issue your tax documents and collect the sale thanks to a single portable, fast and economical device: choose between the SunMi V2S and the PAX A920 POS, elegant and practical, allows you to combine speed and security by bringing payment collection anywhere.

  • You can issue an invoice, issue a receipt or simply collect the payment with the same tool! And the Receipt Lottery feature is already included and it’s… FREE!

  • Thanks to this solution you can follow your customers everywhere, with practicality and efficiency!

  • Find out what ALL the benefits of having GetYourBill for Android devices are here

GetYourBill per ecommerce - integrazione personalizzata

And if you own a large accommodation facility, for which you manage online bookings on your site without relying on third parties, we have another solution made just for you: discover GetYourBill for E-COMMERCE and enter a world of benefits!

  • From one-time guest to… registered (and loyal!) Customer: a first complete entry is enough to allow the software to memorize all the data, so as to avoid future slow and too mechanical manual compilations.

  • The application can be installed via a WOOCOMMERCE plug-in or via custom integration: let us know your needs, we’ll take care of the rest!

Electronic invoice

How does the recovery of the customer’s personal data work?

POS con freccia - Icona "Come Funziona"

THREE simple steps are enough:

  • At the customer’s invoice request, enter the line items to be filled in in the tax document.

  • Enter the customer’s VAT number or tax code.

  • In a few moments, GetYourBill will retrieve the company data from certified databases, fill out the invoice with all the correct data and send it directly to the Tax Authority. Plus, a hard copy of the document is printed as a courtesy for your client!

Hospitality runs fast:
#neveragainwithout GetYourBill!

Three solutions, a thousand ways to exploit them, a single trusted companion: GetYourBill!

On CASH REGISTER, on ANDROID DEVICE, on E-COMMERCE: GetYourBill does not lose sight of your need to be quick and accurate in managing accounting documents and payments and for this reason it has developed solutions that cover you at 360 degrees.

The choice is yours (and if you’re not sure… choose all three)!

You are… HERE!

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GetYourBill promotes your business! Customers near you will find you in no time thanks to the GetYourBill Store Locator.

How to buy

Through a partner bank or directly from Ultroneo.

Find out how!

WooCommerce plugin or custom solution?

Discover all the possibilities!

What about you… #WhichGetYourBillAreYou?

No business card is better than the reviews of our customers: we adapt an effective and concrete solution to every different need.


Trade and delivery of coffee and hot beverages


Andrea, owner of the Al Parco Restaurant (UD)

GetYourBill da portale web

To each merchant his own reserved area

The functions also extend to the GetYourBill web portal, available to each of our merchants: issuing invoices and monitoring the delivery status, managing agreements, changing your profile on the Store Locator…

…and much more!

Gino, Partita IVA che usa GetYourBill

Build customer loyalty by offering a convenient and free service!

Buyers registered with GetYourBill can access a series of services, such as the automatic online saving of their invoices and track the delivery status of the document: when requesting the invoice, they just need to dictate their GetYourBill User Code, chosen during the registration process.
Free registration on the website