Invoicing directly from your ecommerce platform? GetYourBill automatically fills in and sends your tax documents!

The customer enters VAT number or Tax Code and GetYourBill retrieves all the additional data.

Both Pino and Gino manage an ecommerce. Gino can focus on its business thanks to GetYourBill.
Animazione che invita a integrare GetYourBill sull'Ecommerce dell'esercente

Are you taking your physical store to the web? Or do you already have an online sales channel and is managing incorrect customer data and invoices discarded by the Tax Authority becoming unsustainable?

GetYourBill also integrates with ecommerce platforms, supporting you from the moment of customer registration to checkout.

The onboarding is automated: users of your website just enter the VAT number (if a company) or the Tax Code (if private) to register, because GetYourBill retrieves from certified databases all the other data necessary to fill in the invoice. And in case of discrepancies, the customer will be able to correct and validate their personal data.

It is available via plugin for WooCommerce or via custom integration for all other systems.


From guest user to registered customer

The customer enters his VAT number or his Tax Code.

The GetYourBill search engine automatically retrieves all additional data from its databases, avoiding manual compilation.

The statistics on our performance tell us that, thanks to the GetYourBill database retrieval system, only 1 in 1,000 invoices are rejected, compared to 1 in 100 for the competition.


Automatic correction of invoices rejected by the Tax Authority

Thanks to the Annual Maintenance Package (PAM), the invoices discarded by the Tax Authority’s Exchange System are corrected and sent back automatically, without you having to intervene!


Today, PAM is able to correct 90% of the errors cataloged by the Tax Authority. So your e-commerce can be said to be truly automated and you can relax because you will avoid the penalties* due to the incorrect issuance of the electronic invoice!


Complete electronic invoicing flow

Electronic invoice, from XML to storage. The GetYourBill service includes archiving of your tax documents in accordance with the law for 10 years.


How to integrate?


Plugin for WooCommerce

GetYourBill per ecommerce - integrazione WooCommerce

GetYourBill integrates with WooCommerce, one of the most used e-commerce tools for WordPress in the world.

To activate the plugin and start exploiting the full potential of GetYourBill, you must first subscribe to our service. Contact us to install it!

Custom integration

GetYourBill per ecommerce - integrazione personalizzata

GetYourBill can be integrated with any ecommerce system!

To request information and an evaluation of the costs of custom integration of GetYourBill with your website, contact our sales team.

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    Technical features

    Quick setup

    Configuring the GetYourBill plugin within your WooCommerce is simple: once the plugin is installed on your website, you will find a GetYourBill tab in the WooCommerce settings.

    Enter the activation key and set all your preferences, with the help of a detailed guide.

    Your WooCommerce immediately ready for electronic invoicing

    The plugin will automatically add the fields necessary for the correct issue of the invoice (Recipient Code, Certified Email, VAT number, Tax Code) not present in the basic configuration of WooCommerce.


    Automatic or manual sending of invoices: you choose!

    Choose whether to send invoices to the Tax Authority automatically or manually.
    In the case of automatic sending, you can select at which status of the order you prefer the invoice to be generated and sent.
    In the event of an error, after making the appropriate corrections, you can send it again.


    Invoices and orders: everything under control

    On the order summary page, a label will show you the status of each invoice.
    In case of an error, you will receive a report.
    Within the order you will find detailed information about the error, useful for correcting and resending the invoice.


    Automatic compilation of personal data

    During checkout or registration, the buyer can enter their VAT number or Tax Code and the system will pre-fill the invoicing data, retrieved from our certified databases.


    Invoices in pdf and courtesy copies

    The plugin integrates the popular “PDF invoicing & packing Slip” plugin, which allows you to generate the pdf of the invoices and send the courtesy copy to the customer.

    The pdf version of the invoice will be stored on your website and also in your GetYourBill account.

    😱 * Discarded invoices: what happens if they are not sent?

    The Tax Authority, through the Exchange System (SDI) constantly checks the correct sending of the data entered in the electronic invoice file.

    In the event of an error, the document is discarded, forcing you to correct and resubmit the invoice to avoid paying high penalties (from € 27,78 up to € 750 for a single incorrect invoice!).

    GetYourBill eliminates errors in the invoice data, thanks to the automatic recovery of data from certified databases, optimizing accounting management and contributing to a satisfactory shopping experience.

    And in the event of an invoice rejected by the Exchange System, our automatic error correction functionality intervenes, the Annual Maintenance Package, which proceeds to send the correct invoice again. We are able to correct 90% of the errors catalogued by the SDI!

    Gino, Partita IVA che usa GetYourBill

    Build customer loyalty by offering them a convenient and free service!

    Buyers registered with GetYourBill can access a series of services, such as the automatic online saving of their invoices and track the delivery status of the document: when requesting the invoice, they just need to dictate their GetYourBill User Code, chosen during the registration process.
    Free registration on the website