All the features of GetYourBill for SmartPOS: electronic receipts

Electronic receipts with the POS?

Thanks to GetYourBill, you can issue the electronic receipts without a registered device

The old paper receipts have lost their fiscal value and must be replaced by law by electronic ones.

Since April 2021 it is mandatory to issue receipts electronically.

To issue an electronic receipt, you must choose whether to get a Registered Device (RT) or adopt the free procedure made available on the portal of the Tax Authority.

In both cases, the receipt in electronic format is recorded in digital form by the Tax Authority and it is no longer mandatory to produce a paper document. If you wish, you can still choose to print a courtesy document – without tax value – for your customer.

Another novelty of 2021 is the Receipt Lottery: with each purchase, the merchants of physical stores register the Lottery Code of their customers to make them participate (and participate themselves) in the scheduled draws.

Scontrino elettronico con GetYourBill - funzionalità Portale AdE o Stampante RT

Registered Device or portal of the Tax Authority?

GetYourBill has developed two solutions, two functionalities that can be integrated with the modern POS PAX A920.

Receipt through the Tax Authority Portal

Thanks to this feature, your POS transforms into a normal cash register, without having to purchase a registered device.

The small size allows you to issue receipts on the go, at your customers and from any area of your store.

The system relies on the portal of the Tax Authority and is, to all intents and purposes, an automated accelerator of the free procedure for issuing the electronic fees that the Tax Authority makes available.

Furthermore, the solution is already enabled for the Receipt Lottery at no additional cost.

  • You will not have to send the daily closing file of the issued receipts, because the documents are generated in real time by the Tax Authority
  • If you do not use a registered device, you will not have to add any QRCode of the Tax Authority
  • You will not have to keep the memory cards of the registered device
  • Savings on periodic tax audits of the registered device
  • You can work in total mobility, in the area of your store or at your customers’ homes
  • courtesy copy of the electronic receipt (without tax value) will always be available in digital format in your GetYourBill private area
  • You are ready for the Receipt Lottery
  • Internet connection (mobile / wifi / ethernet) for the POS
  • Accessibility of the Tax Authority portal
  • [OPTIONAL] Printer of any type for the possible printing of courtesy documents

Receipt with a Registered Device

Emissione di uno Scontrino Elettronico con GetYourBill

Combine your POS with a Registered Device, that is a cash register that allows the electronic transmission of the daily receipts to the Tax Authority.

With GetYourBill, in just a few seconds, fill out the receipt and print the commercial document for your customer. As required by law, at the time of closure, the registered device connected to GetYourBill prepares and seals the data of the day’s transactions and sends the file to the Tax Authority.

Furthermore, the solution is already enabled for the Receipt Lottery.

  • We will help you to choose the registered device that best suits your needs, avoiding the search on endless product catalogs
  • In the event of an unstable internet connection, you will not have to worry about data loss, because the registered device will automatically transmit the receipts to the Tax Authority at the end of the day
  • courtesy copy of the electronic receipt (without tax value) will always be available in digital format in your GetYourBill reserved area
    You are ready for the Receipt Lottery
  • Existing registered device or available for purchase via GetYourBill
  • Internet connection (mobile / wifi / ethernet) for the POS

Issue an electronic receipt with GetYourBill
costs less than a pizza with a drink per month!

These solutions have a monthly cost and a fixed cost for installation.
The offer is flexible: contact a consultant for an estimate!

GetYourBill costa meno di una pizza con bibita al mese!

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