Frequently Asked Questions

GetYourBill is the solution to issue invoices and other sales documents quickly and without errors, from your cash registeron the move and from your ecommerce.

GetYourBill has two registration profiles:

  • as a buyer, with free registration, useful for managing your invoices that have been issued through the GetYourBill service;
  • as a merchant, with registration subject to the signing of a service activation contract. The offer is highly customizable: contact one of our consultants for an estimate by filling out the form to request commercial information.

The GetYourBill code is an 8-character code that is used to uniquely identify the profile of the customer who is registering. When the customer requests an invoice, they can use their GetYourBill code instead of the VAT number or tax code to be recognized by the merchant or self-service acceptor.

The username to access the service is always the e-mail address with which you registered, the password is chosen during registration and must contain at least 8 characters of which at least one capital, at least one lowercase at least one number and at least a special character (example:!, £, @, #).

If you do not remember your password, click on the appropriate recovery link on the login screen.

Some browsers do not delete temporary data after registration. If you encounter access difficulties, you must request a password reset using the “Forgot password? Don’t panic, click here to recover your password ”: the link is on the GetYourBill login screen.

To request the cancellation of your profile, use the contact form for requesting assistance. To re-register by choosing the correct profile, use a different email address as username.

GetYourBill is compatible with a large number of cash registers, with the POS PAX A920 and can be integrated with ecommerce (through custom integration or through our plugin for WooCommerce).

In addition, any registration of GetYourBill as a “Merchant” profile provides the user with access to all the functions of issuing, correcting and managing tax documents, available on the web portal

You can sign a contract for the use of GetYourBill directly with Ultroneo or through one of our partners.

Buy GetYourBill for POS, Ecommerce, Web Portal → Contact an Ultroneo sales consultant

Buy GetYourBill for Cash Register→ Discover compatible checkout systems with GetYourBill

Buy GetYourBill for SmartPOS → Partner banks: BPER; Banco di Sardegna

Invoices, receipts and digital payments: GetYourBill is the simple, portable and affordable 3-in-1 solution.

GetYourBill allows you to issue invoices (electronic, traditional, foreign and to the Public Administration) and save them in accordance with the law:

  • it is fast: enter the customer’s VAT number, the system retrieves the data from the cloud database and automatically fills in the registry in a few seconds;
  • it is foolproof: it automatically corrects errors in the XML file of the electronic invoice, avoiding rejection by the Revenue Agency.

3-in-1: Issue tax documents and collect payments anywhere

  • It’s portable: choose the POS version and take GetYourBill always with you, inside or outside the company.
  • It’s flexible: not just invoices (from POS and cash registers), GetYourBill is also an electronic receipt, digital payments and integration with ecommerce.

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Access your reserved area on the website with the credentials with which you registered.

Click on the menu item “Personal Data”. There you will find the “license plate” field: correct the value and save the changes.

For each company vehicle, register a free profile as a GetYourBill buyer on the portal. For each profile, you will assign a different plate from the “Personal data” section.
For the creation of each profile you will need to use a different email.

To a single vehicle.

By accessing your profile on the website and visiting the menu item “Personal Data”, you will find the “License Plate” field which will indicate the license plate associated with the GetYourBill Code associated with the profile.

Are you already a GetYourBill customer? Do you need assistance? Fill out the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.