Invoices, receipts, electronic payments: you just need one device to do it all!

Issue your tax documents and get paid through a single portable, fast and inexpensive payment terminal. GetYourBill follows you to your customers’ homes and to every corner of your store.

GetYourBill for Android devices is the all-in-one solution that allows you, with a single handy tool, to complete all the operations related to checkout!

It works on SunMi V2S and on PAX A920 payment terminals, modern and elegant Android devices, with an interface very similar to that of the most common smartphones and with amazing potential for expansion of its functions.

Do you work in mobility, or do you have a decentralised checkout approach within your premises? Any GetYourBill device fits in your pocket and allows you to carry out all the operations where and when you want.

3-in-1. GetYourBill relies on a single device with which you can:

  1. issue any type of electronic invoicequickly and without errors, thanks only to the insertion of the customer’s VAT number;
  2. issue electronic receipts, without having to purchase a registered device and without the costs of periodic verification;
  3. collect electronic and digital payments.

WHY 3-IN-1?


All sales operations in a few steps! And for the invoice, just enter the customer’s VAT number, GetYourBill will take care of the rest.

Many tools = many costs. With GetYourBill you pay for one tool that does it all! And it costs less than you think.

No more data to be entered by hand and no more customers queuing in front of the cashier!

It is very easy to use, you will not have to learn new complicated procedures.

Retain your customers with a convenient and free service! They will find you on the GetYourBill Store Locator.

Receipts, invoices and payments everywhere: the ideal solution for those who work on the move!

Enter the customer’s VAT number and GetYourBill retrieves all the data automatically!

How to buy it?

Ideal if you are already a customer of one of our partners and want to integrate GetYourBill on your POS! Contact the partner bank directly and request the activation of GetYourBill. Here are the currently affiliated banks:

The company behind GetYourBill offers you the modern SunMi V2S Android device.

  • Device rental;
  • GetYourBill functionality for issuing Invoices, which includes legal archiving of your tax document for 10 years;
  • GetYourBill functionality for issuing Electronic Receipts from the Tax Authority portal;
  • enabling the collection of Electronic Payments thanks to our service GetYourCash.

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Build customer loyalty by offering them a convenient and free service!

Buyers registered with GetYourBill can access a series of services, such as the automatic online saving of their invoices and track the delivery status of the document: when requesting the invoice, they just need to dictate their GetYourBill User Code, chosen during the registration process.
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