Issue an invoice from your cash register system! Enter your client’s VAT number and the document is ready instantly.

Forget company name, address, tax code… GetYourBill recovers all data automatically.


Lina doesn't need Gino's company name, address, etc, because GetYourBill automatically retrieves all the data.
Emissione della fattura elettronica con GetYourBill per i registratori di cassa

GetYourBill is an application that can be integrated into the software of your checkout system, which in a few seconds allows you to automatically fill in and send all your electronic invoices.

GetYourBill recovers in a few seconds all the data necessary for the compilation of an invoice from a certified database, thanks to the simple typing of the customer’s VAT number or his Tax Code if private.

Furthermore, GetYourBill protects you from penalties due to the incorrect issuing of the invoice, in case of rejection of the document by the Tax Authority, thanks to the PAM (Annual Maintenance Package), the system for automatic correction and representation of the electronic invoice. Thanks to PAM, the number of invoices rejected by the Tax Authority, which requires your correction, is almost zero, because it is able to automatically intervene on 90% of the errors. Find out more.

How does it work?

  • The customer asks you for the invoice

  • Enter the items to be included in the fiscal document

  • Enter the customer’s VAT number (or his Tax Code, if private)

  • GetYourBill compiles the invoice in a few seconds with all the correct data and sends it to the Tax Authority

  • A hard copy of the document is printed as a courtesy to your client


Electronic invoice, from XML to storage. The GetYourBill application includes legal archiving of your tax document for 10 years


No more customers queuing in front of your cash desk!

It is very easy to use, you will not have to learn new complicated procedures

Build customer loyalty by offering them a convenient and free service. You will be present on the GetYourBill website among the participating merchants closest to your customers!


Do you want to know if the cash register you are using is ready to install GetYourBill? Find out about our cash register partners.


Easy and fast. GetYourBill issues your electronic invoices in seconds

Cash register systems compatible

GetYourBill is compatible with the most popular checkout systems

Andrea owner of the Ristorante Al Parco has a cash register and uses GetYourBill for all invoicing operations

Gino, Partita IVA che usa GetYourBill

Build customer loyalty by offering them a convenient and free service!


Buyers registered with GetYourBill can access a series of services, such as the automatic online saving of their invoices and track the delivery status of the document: when requesting the invoice, they just need to dictate their GetYourBill User Code, chosen during the registration process. Free registration on the website