Physical well-being and peace of mind on billing: this is GetYourBill for health and medical services!

GetYourBill is an electronic invoicing system, which allows you to instantly retrieve all the data of your customers from certified databases by simply typing in the VAT number.
GetYourBill automatically fills in the document and sends it to the designated intermediary within seconds .

With GetYourBill you can also issue electronic receipts, participate in the Receipt Lottery and collect electronic payments anywhere in a few taps.

GetYourBill also protects you from penalties due to incorrect issuance of the invoice , in case of rejection of the document by the Tax Authority: find out how!

Chi usa GetYourBill? Medici, ottici e professionisti dell'area sanitaria

Are you a healthcare professional?
Find out why choosing GetYourBill is convenient for you and your customers!

GetYourBill per Ecommerce

GetYourBill for health care is available both from the web portal and as an application accessible from Android devices: both solutions, which can be used simultaneously, make the GetYourBill software a dynamic tool available in any place and at any time. A trusted billing companion for you and your patients!

  • Within the software, the list of services is completely customizable, and is also able to differentiate the services subject to VAT from those exempt.

  • An agreement can be created with regular customers, useful for issuing a single summary invoice once the treatment is completed.

  • The patient’s choice for consent or denial of data transmission to the Health Card Systemcan be easily recorded and printed on the invoice.

GetYourBill per SmartPOS

… And that’s not all: GetYourBill has also thought about who takes care of your accounting management! In fact, invoices compiled through the GetYourBill application can be imported with one click into most management softwares for accountants*, thanks to the summary file generated by GetYourBill. Those who deal with accounting will find themselves facilitated in their work, in a win-win scenario that is advantageous for everyone!

*If the management software is not compatible, the Ultroneo team will be able to develop the most suitable integration.

Electronic invoice

How does the recovery of the customer’s personal data work?

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THREE simple steps are enough:

  • At the customer’s invoice request, enter the line items to be filled in in the tax document.

  • Enter the customer’s VAT number or tax code.

  • In a few seconds, GetYourBill will retrieve the company data from certified databases, fill in the invoice with all the correct data and send it directly to the Tax Authority. Plus, a hard copy of the document is printed as a courtesy for your client!

Doctors and medical professionals:
#neveragainwithout GetYourBill!

GetYourBill for Android devices is always with you.

Issue invoices from your personal office or directly from your patients’ homes by following a few simple steps!

Customers who benefit from a traceable payment can deduct the expense in the tax return!

Have you informed your patients?

Legislative Decree 162/2019 provides that, from 2020, medical expenses can be deducted from income only if payment is made through a traceable method.

Speed ​​and security: GetYourBill!

Thanks to our software, you can automatically import your customer’s data simply by scanning the barcode of their Health Card. Forget wasted time copying data manually!

Ideal for who deals with your accounting.

GetYourBill also digitizes the medical bill, allowing the automation of accounting processes.

Your accountant will be able to sleep peacefully thanks to the summary file with all your invoices that adapts to most management software for accountants!

You are… HERE!

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GetYourBill promotes your business! Customers near you will find you in no time thanks to the GetYourBill Store Locator.

How to buy

Through a partner bank or directly from Ultroneo.

Find out how!

WooCommerce plugin or custom solution?

Discover all the possibilities!

What about you… #WhatGetYourBillAreYou?

No business card is better than the reviews of our customers: we adapt an effective and concrete solution to every different need.


Patrizia Zara, dermatologist

GetYourBill da portale web

To each merchant his own reserved area

The functions also extend to the GetYourBill web portal, available to each of our merchants: issuing invoices and monitoring the delivery status, managing agreements, changing your profile on the Store Locator…

…and much more!

Gino, Partita IVA che usa GetYourBill

Build customer loyalty by offering a convenient and free service!

Buyers registered with GetYourBill can access a series of services, such as the automatic online saving of their invoices and track the delivery status of the document: when requesting the invoice, they just need to dictate their GetYourBill User Code, chosen during the registration process.
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